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Cairo T Cairo*

*Available in any custom size. Shown with a Tuscan Capital and an Attic Base.

Lotus T Lotus*

*Available in any custom size. Shown with a Tuscan Capital and an Attic Base.

Modern Cyma Versa Column Cyma Versa Column*

*Available in any custom size.

Moderncolumn2 T Crescent Column*

*Available in any custom size.

Custom Column Cover Column Cover*
Custom Pedestal Fiberglass Column Pedestal Column Custom*

The fiberglass column is a relatively new addition to the architectural world. Columns have been an important part of architectural design for thousands of years, but until the late twentieth century, only wood, stone, concrete, and steel were options. Fiberglass can be molded to look like either wood or stone, but at a much more affordable price.

Fiberglass is a thread made from glass. By forcing molten glass through a sieve, the glass is spun into threads to make a strong, durable material. Fabrics woven from the glass threads are often used for industrial purposes because fiberglass is unaffected by heat, rust, and other extreme elements.

A fiberglass column is made by combining fiberglass with plastic. The two materials are heated to extreme temperatures and then molded into the shape required. Columns are not the only use for fiberglass. Boat hulls, hot tubs, roofing material, and auto bodies are just a few of the many items made from fiberglass compounds.

Why are fiberglass columns superior to all other types of columns? For one, they are easy to install and can be load-bearing. Our columns are extremely low maintenance; they are impervious to insects and are unaffected by temperature extremes and humidity. Architectural Detail warrants that its fiberglass columns will be free from defects in material or workmanship for the lifetime of ownership as long as the columns have been installed according to Architectural Detail's recommended installation instructions. Please see our complete warranty for details.