Ornamental Capitals Installation

Step 1: Trim top of column shaft (see Fig. 1). For Roman Corinthian and Temple of Winds caps, trim above neck ring on astragal. All other caps, trim below neck ring on astragal.

Step 2: Measure opening where column is to be installed. INCLUDE CAP HEIGHT WHEN CALCULATING COLUMN LENGTH. Measure column shaft and trim the bottom of the shaft to fit required opening.

Step 3: Using vinyl shims (see instructions below), shim the cap flange so that the cap is centered on the column. Attach shims to the flange with construction adhesive (see Fig. 3).

Step 4: Apply construction adhesive to the top of the column shaft. Set capital in place. Remove excess adhesive immediately.

Step 5: Pre-drill clearance holes through shaft larger than screw diameter, then countersink. Attach cap flange to column using non-corrosive wood screws. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREWS! This process will also help to center cap in uneven shafts (see Fig. 2).

Step 6: Raise soffit and slide assembled column into place.

Step 7: Attach column as required, and caulk all seams and fill all screw holes.