Our Company

Architectural Detail has been in business for nearly two decades. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality ornamental pieces on the market today. We produce custom fiberglass columns, capitals, bases, and custom pieces in all sizes and styles. Every piece demonstrates our desire to make each renovation, restoration, and construction project reflect superior craftsmanship and the finest architecture.

Architectural Detail produces the most durable ornamental products on the market today. Our non-porous pieces are waterproof and impervious to termites, staining, and decay. They are not effected by weather conditions such as humidity and temperature extremes. The fiberglass used in our pieces is very strong and is not brittle.

Most ornamental fiberglass pieces contain 3%-4% fiberglass. Architectural Detail's products contain 40% fiberglass. We want our customers to be assured that they are receiving high quality pieces that will outlast everything else on the market.

At Architectural Detail, we also manufacture structural columns. Our standard load bearing columns support up to 15,000 lbs. and can be reinforced up to 80,000 lbs. Our ornamental capitals are also structural and have a patent-pending interlocking shaft that can be attached to any column on the market. Because of this unique design, the capital is not just resting on the column, but is firmly attached making it stronger and more structurally sound. (Load test information is available upon request.)

In addition to its strength, fiberglass is also extremely light weight. This makes it very unique from other materials and facilitates the installation process. To ensure an easier and cost efficient installation for our customers we also sand and prime our pieces before they leave the plant. We make columns to fit around existing structures as well.

At Architectural Detail, we customize columns to any length or specification to ensure each project meets our Customer's needs. We pride ourselves in our high standards of architectural quality and exactness. Each piece is hand molded to compliment the structure and preserve architectural integrity. Our outstanding material and workmanship allows us to provide customers with quality pieces at competitive prices.