Warranty Information

Architectural Detail warrants that its fiberglass columns will be free from defects in material or workmanship for the LIFETIME of ownership as long as the columns have been installed according to Architectural Detail's recommended installation instructions. "LIFETIME" is the length of time which the original purchaser owns the structure to which the fiberglass columns is attached. For all warranty claims, customer will bear responsibility to prove that the columns are installed and maintained according to installation instructions.

Under this warranty, Architectural Detail will repair or replace, as its option, any column component which has failed as a result of defective workmanship or material. Should a replacement be deemed necessary in relation to this warranty, the sole remedy shall be replacement of the column shafts, capitals, bases and plinths. At no time will Architectural Detail be liable for more than the original purchase price of the columns purchased. Architectural Detail does not include, and will not pay for, installation or painting as part of this warranty. Likewise, Architectural Detail will not be liable for compensatory, consequential, or incidental damages under this warranty. This is the sole warranty on the Architectural Detail fiberglass columns.

All load-bearing values are provided as a convenience and are not an exact value. Consult a structural engineer for accurate load estimates. Loading values are not valid if there is not uniform contact between the full area of the column ends. Load values apply to concentrically applied through the axis of the column shaft. Columns are not rated for shear, uplift, live loads or other loads.

Architectural Detail does not warrant coloration or merchantability, nor does it warrant that the products covered hereby are expressly suited for any particular purpose. There are no other warranties, either express or implied, other than that contained in this document.