What sets us apart?

What Sets Architectural Detail Apart From Other Column Manufacturers?

Product Quality

  • Architectural Detail will build custom columns to any specified length.
  • Architectural Detail will construct any custom ornamental piece.
  • Architectural Detail specializes in large columns of any size.
  • All pieces leave the factory sanded, primed and ready to receive ANY PAINT.
  • Primer and special gel coat greatly reduce the possibility of chipping or peeling
  • Each style is designed and built by hand at Architectural Detail's manufacturing facility.
  • All products are built to commercial code.
  • An option of fire-rating option is provided to the customer.
  • Columns can be load bearing to 80,000 pounds upon request.
  • Our patent-pending SureFit seaming system ensures a straight line and easy installation for reassembling columns.
  • All capitals are flashed with fiberglass to prevent moisture and pests from entering the column.

Advantages Over Wood, Cement, and Cultured Marble

  • Our pieces are extremely durable with 40% fiberglass. Cultured marble contains less than 4% fiberglass. When requesting quotes from our competitors, ask for the percentage of fiberglass the column contains.
  • Fiberglass is:
    • impervious to termites, staining and decay,
    • unaffected by temperature extremes and humidity ,
    • not brittle ,
    • weighs a fraction of the above mentioned materials ,
    • lightweight, and
    • will not shatter.
  • Primed columns make installation on the simplest and most cost efficient on the market.

We pride ourselves in our high standards of architectural quality. Each piece is hand-crafted to complement the structure and preserve architectural integrity. Outstanding material and workmanship allow Architectural Detail to provide customers with quality pieces at competitive prices.